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Sadat: “They want us to fight Israel up to the last drop of Egyptian blood”


In the stunning 1967 Six Day War Israel had defeated Soviet-backed Anwar Sadat resulting in the closure of the Suez Canal. Moscow was furious and at the United Nations took a hardline stance against Zionism calling it racist and Nazi-like. Sadat then sought to abandon Soviet influence claiming: “They want us to fight Israel up to the last drop of Egyptian blood”
Viewing himself a peacemaker President Carter sought to arrange a Conference in Geneva between Israel, Egypt, and the Soviet Union. Unwilling to meet with the Soviets, Sadat and Israeli PM Menachem Begin instead arranged a bilateral deal between Israel and Egypt.
Not to be bypassed Carter arranged the Camp David Accords with Israel withdrawing from Suez and America financing the reopening of the Canal this pleasing the Soviet military which later overextended its military reach by invading Afghanistan. The disillusion Carter reacted by calling for a massive increase in the American military budget.
The Soviet Union tried to compete militarily and literally went bankrupt and dissolved. Such is the history I witnessed.
Joke: In Moscow an American tourist boasting of free speech in the USA told a Russian citizen “In America I can call President Reagan a jerk, moron, and idiot and not get arrested. “We too in Russia have free speech.” said the Russian. “We can call President Reagan a jerk, moron, and idiot without getting arrested.”

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