Terrorism is against the teachings of Islam


It seems every day we see graphic examples of extremists and radicals hijacking religion, misusing and abusing God’s name to legitimize the barbarism. We must all continue to promote tolerance as the first step to counter this criminal abuse of religion and combat violent extremism.


Terrorism is against the teachings of Islam and is considered as one of the most serious crime for which Islam has set most severe sanctions. Portraying Muslims as terrorists is one the most negative attitudes we witness in today’s world.  My mother homeland of our NATO ally of the Republic of Turkey is also a country struggling against terrorism, which it describes as a crime against humanity that cannot be associated with a particular religion, faith or ethnicity.

It is not possible to draw parallels between a structure which builds itself on the extermination and deportation of civilians -including children and women who are victimized as a result of conflicts based on interest- with Islam. All such activities are terrorism and those who carry out such activities are terrorists, it would be a major insult to Islam to claim all such terrorist activities stem from Islamic interpretation thus the terrorist should be called a terrorist irrespective of religion and ethnic affiliation.

We must be careful, not to associate Hate merchant terrorist with the majority of peaceful people of Islam or any other religion. As some on Facebook or other social media’s are displaying. It is the extremists who are our common enemy.  A crime perpetrated in the name of religion, is the greatest crime against religion. We the Turkish American communities have and will continue to vehemently and emphatically condemn terrorist.

But we also call upon our friends to be careful, not to associate Hate Merchant terrorist with the majority of peaceful people of Islam.

What did they call the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter or Charleston Shooter or Aurora Movie Theater shooter?

Inflammatory, irresponsible and inciting media only fuels an environment of hate and violence against innocent people. According to the FBI, the majority of domestic terrorist attacks are actually committed by white, male Christians. When those things occur, we don’t suspect other people who share their faith and ethnicity of condoning them. We assume that these things outrage them just as much as they do anyone else. And we have to afford that same assumption of innocence to Muslims. The fight must be against extremism and those who would destroy the principles for which our great country  United States and the free world stands.

 The stigmatization of people because they are Muslims is simply unacceptable, hurtful and hateful.


Ibrahim Kurtulus

Staten Island Community Activist