Western media ignored Cumhuriyet Daily sacking Nuray Mert

Gazeteci yazar Nuray Mert 26 Ocak 2015 / Huseyin Sari

 While Western journalists and NGO’s target government and pro-government circles over the “freedom of the press” in Turkey, they remain silent for the expulsion of Nuray Mert from the Cumhuriyet Newspaper in terms of freedom of press.

In the past days, Nuray Mert, one of the columnist in Cumhuriyet Newspaper last over two years, was sacked because of her critics about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who known as a founder of modern Turkey. The Western media especially American media always criticizes the newspapers which is pro-government circles in Turkey, but they ignored this issue, which reflects to us this is not about defending freedom of the press, but this is more about the political agenda against AK Party government.
The Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002 and still rule Turkey approximately 15 years. During this time, AK Party is a party which is supported by a large group of people in Turkey. And there are dozens of newspapers in Turkey, some newspapers dissent, on the other hand some newspapers support the regulations and policies of the government. But there are some contradictions within it. Western media and NGO just become aware of about pro-government side.

Opposing voices are being tried to silence in Cumhuriyet Newspaper

The criticism of the silencing of the media, which is always used against Turkey by Western media, is deeply silent when it comes to the Cumhuriyet Newspaper.  Cumhuriyet Newspaper sacked Nuray Mert, one of the names discussed recently.
Nuray Mert was a columnist for more than two years in Cumhuriyet Newspaper. Her writings about the theory of evolution and the marriage authority created great controversy, last weeks. Nuray Mert, who was criticized by Orhan Bursalı and Cem Somel who are her co-workers.
As a justification, Orhan Erinç, Chairman of the Board of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper Foundation, showed that Mert’s latest writings were in conflict with the publishing principles of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper.
Nuray mert made a statement on the subject, she said: ”Erinç stated to me, the reason for my expulsion is related to Ataturkist and secular publishing policy. I personally feel very upset that my friends sent me with the pressure of the neighborhood. “

Criticism of the Western media is just for pro-government newspaper

Whatever how come, despite the fact that every newspaper which against the government, whatever they do that seems under the name of freedom of press in the eyes of the Western media. But the acts of newspapers which is pro-government is always completely under attack of Western media.
Cumhuriyet Newspaper is the one of the biggest opponent newspaper against the government in Turkey. Therefore, Western media remains silent about restriction of press freedom in Cumhuriyet Newspaper.
Although the Cumhuriyet Newspaper considers itself as Turkey’s most libertarian newspaper, they could not tolerate even a small dissident voice.
The fact that the Western media does not make any noise indicates that it is completely political not about freedom of the press.